Volume 1 Issue 8 JANUARY 2013


Seasonal impact on biomass, juice quality and sugar attributes of sweet sorghum

U.S. Dalvi, U.D. Chavan, M.S. Shinde, A.R. Gaikwad and S.R. Gadakh PDF



Extrinsic stains and management: A new insight

Sruthy Prathap, H. Rajesh, Vinitha. A. Boloor and Anupama. S. Rao PDF




Multiple cysts of kidney-a cadaveric study

Jaswinder Kaur PDF



Processing technologies of Uttarakhand for lesser known crops: An overview

S.G. Khamgaonkar, A. Singh, Khan Chand, N.C. Shahi and U.C. Lohani PDF



Evaluation of Dual Three-Level VSI based STATCOM for improvement of power quality

Snehasish Pal, Suvarun Dalapati, Sudip Das and A.M. Roy PDF



Studies on combined effect of nanoclay and elastomer on mechanical properties of polystyrene/polybutadiene blend

Subana P.S, Praseetha P. Nair and K.E. George PDF



Communication behaviour of winter vegetable cultivators of Jorhat district of Assam

Pallabi Phukan, Sajib Borua and Utpal Barman PDF



Shifting towards Nanoelectronics: A device level overview

T. D. Dongale, S. K. Magdum, K. Y. Goilkar, N. A. Chougule, S. R. Ghatage PDF



Numerical analysis of droplet breakup in diesel engine

S. Nakkeeran PDF



Sanitation in periurban areas of developing countries

B.T. Shivendra and H.K. Ramaraju PDF



Hysteresis effect on sediment rating curves

M.A. Ahanger , G.L. Asawa and M.A. Lone PDF



Achievement of cognitive educational objectives as perceived by the teachers of Assam Agricultural University

J.K. Sharma PDF



Biometric authentication using fingerprint

Ravi Bhushan Tiwari, Sanjay Sharma and Sidhu PDF



Cholera outbreak in tea garden of Sivasagar district of Assam

B.N. Mahanta, T.G. Mahanta, R. Sinha, Abhijit Dutta, D.J. Payeng and Md Q. Jawed PDF



Agriculture based livelihood options of inhabitants of tea gardens in Jorhat District of Assam

Patrika Sharma, Sajib Borua and R.K. Talukdar PDF



Physio-biochemical assessment of sweet sorghum genotypes during post rainy season

M.S. Shinde, S.S. Repe, A.R. Gaikwad, U.S. Dalvi and S.R. Gadakh PDF



Incidence and screening of wound infection causing microorganisms

S. Valarmathi, M. Rajasekara Pandian and B. Senthilkumar PDF