Prevalence and distribution of gram negative bacteria of Enterobacteriaceae causing Urinary tract infections
among hospitalized patients

Devanand Prakash and R.S. Saxena PDF



Increasing rate of adoption of rice technologies in Assam: A need of the hour for food security

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A hybrid approach for the prediction of fault proneness in object oriented design using fuzzy logic

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Evaluation of antibacterial properties of selected red seaweeds from Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, India

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Evaluation of various staining techniques for routine microscopy of stool samples for the detection of Cryptosporidium parvum

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Extension trainers' performance with reference to adult learning

P. Mishra PDF



Tamsulosin sustained release preparation in patients of lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hyperplasia

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Training need of Tribal farmers in Rapeseed production technology of Upper Brahmaputra Valley Zone of Assam

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Engagement of women self help groups in various agro-based enterprises in Assam-A case study

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Photoperiod sensitivity studies in sweet sorghum

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Performance of classical control chart procedures in the presence of VAR(1) process

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Distribution-free control chart for Bivariate Process

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Effects of wind incidence angle on wind loads on hoardings

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Association of oxidative stress with microalbuminuria and eGFR in essential hypertension

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Impact of Moringa oleifera Lam. leaf powder on the altered lipid profile of diabetic mice

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Assessment of groundwater quality and its suitability for agricultural use in Nishabanathi and
Kalingalar sub-basins of Vaippar river basin, TN, India

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Morphometric analysis of upper part of Pambar watershed, Ponnaiyar river basin, Tamil Nadu, India using Geographical Information System

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