Oxidative stress and Lipid profile in Diabetic end stage renal disease

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Medical Textiles: The Spunlace process and its application possibilities for hygiene textiles

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Effects of wind incidence angle on wind pressure distribution on square plan tall buildings

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Experimental study of Triple Effect Forced Circulation Evaporator at Perundurai Common Effluent Treatment Plant

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Effect of interference on Wind loads on Tall Buildings

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Trends in Bacterial etiology amongst cases of Meningitis

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Wind loads on Tall Buildings with Steps

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Academic research freedom in industry-Institute partnership

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Wind pressure distribution on Flat Canopy roofs

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Effect of Mercury on blood components of fresh water edible fish Labeo rohita

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Surgical Sutures: An overview

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Bootstrap control limits for Multivariate autocorrelated processes

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Customer Relationship Management: A tool for achieving customer delight in Indian Auto industry

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A study of Awareness and Perception of residents of Ludhiana (Punjab) towards Online Shopping

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A Multivariate moving average Control chart for Mean vector

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Influence of proximity on wind loads on Tall Buildings

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Comparison of measured and predicted Evapotranspiration using Artificial Neural Network model

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Effects of nitrate and phosphate on total lipid content and pigment production in Botryococcus braunii Kutzing KM-104

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