Volume 1 Issue 4 September 2012


Anti-mycobacterial activity of Withania somnifera and Pueraria tuberosa against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

Periyakaruppan Adaikkappan, Manickavasagam Kannapiran and Arulandhu Anthonisamy PDF



Data Mining Techniques and their role in Intrusion Detection Systems

Amit Sharma, S.N. Panda and Ashu Gupta PDF



Prevalence of Urinary tract infections in children and their sensitivity to various antibiotics

Rupinder Kaur, Geeta Walia and Manika Mehta PDF



Effect of crude and partially purified epidermal mucus proteins of marine catfish Tachysurus dussumieri on human cancer cell line

Chinnasamy Arulvasu, Sellappandi Selvamathi, Gajendran Babu and Ganesan Dhanasekaran PDF



Effect of keratin substrates on the growth of keratinophilic fungi

Richa Sharma and Swati PDF



The effect of vaccination on nutritional status of pre-school children in rural and urban Lucknow

Ali Jafar Abedi and J.P. Srivastava PDF



Effect of Silica fume on mechanical properties of Concrete

Vikas Srivastava, V.C. Agarwal and Rakesh Kumar PDF



Optimization of fermentation conditions for the biosynthesis of L-Asparaginase by Penicillium sp.

Mohsin S. Mushtaq, Sunil Dutt PLNSN, Siddalingeshwara K.G, Karthic J, Jayaramu M, Naveen mani,

Vishwanatha. T and Prathibha. K.S PDF



Optimization of physico-chemical parameters for the extraction of phenolic components from cinnamon species

Sree Satya Nandam, Surya Prakash D.V and Meena Vangalapati PDF



Effect of Kappaphycus alvarezii SLF treatment on Seed germination, Growth and Development of seedling in some Crop plants
S. Babu and R. Rengasamy PDF



Assessment of Medico-social factors for missed opportunities in Immunization

S.U. Burungale, P.M. Durge and M.B. Zambzre PDF



Synthesis and characterization of dye coated fluorescent chitosan nanoparticles

Kethirabalan Chitra and Gurusamy Annadurai PDF



Four cases of Pleomorphic Adenoma of the nasal cavity: An unusual entity

Kiran Naik PDF



Electro-oxidation of tannery soak water using solar photovoltaic stand-alone systems

Kuttalam Iyappan, Boopathy, Lonchin Suguna, N.G. Ranganathan and Nagarajan Vedaraman PDF



Screening of alkaline protease production by fungal isolates from different habitats of Sagar and Jabalpur district (M.P)

Vaishali Choudhary and P. C. Jain PDF