Volume 1 Issue 5 October 2012



28-day subchronic toxicity studies of 2, 2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate in albino rats

Ajiboso. S.O.O, Gbate. M2, Ajari. O.I and Adeyemo. S.O PDF



Biomedical engineering of dental implant infections

A.C. Mongra PDF



Effect of morin on glycoproteins and membrane bound enzymes in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

S. Vishnukumar, M. Rajadurai, R. Stephan and S. Chandra PDF



Attitude on permanent family planning method among female eligible couple in selected hospitals at Madurai

N. Jessie Metilda PDF



On totally gub-Continuous functions in supra topological spaces

M. Trinita Pricilla and I. Arockiarani PDF



Metakaolin inclusion: Effect on mechanical properties of concrete

Vikas Srivastava, Rakesh Kumar and V.C. Agarwal PDF



Crystallization of Aspergillus japonicus lipase by hanging drop method

A. Jayaprakash and P. Ebenezer PDF



High spatial resolution remote sensing image segmentation using marker based watershed algorithm

B. Mathivanan and S. Selvarajan PDF



Determinants of permanent family planning method among male eligible couple in selected hospitals at Madurai

N. Jessie Metilda PDF



Isolation and screening of biosurfactant producing microorganisms from oil contaminated soil

V. Saravanan and S. Vijayakumar PDF



Comparison of material removal rate of ductile cast iron using hollow and solid cylindrical electrical discharge machining electrodes

Rahul Mehra, S.C. Sharma and Charanjit Singh Kalra PDF



Production, isolation and characterization of alkaline protease from Aspergillus versicolor PF/F/107

Vaishali Choudhary PDF



Toxins of Alternaria helianthi and its effects on Helianthus annuus L.

R. Sakthi and N. Mohan PDF



Taxol production by endophytic Fusarium solani LCPANCF01 from Tylophora indica

J. Nomila Merlin, I.V.S. Nimal Christhudas, P. Praveen Kumar, M. Kumar and P. Agastian PDF