Evaluation of Antiproliferative effect of Grewia hirsuta on HepG2 cell lines

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Organizational improvement continuation by Technologist Personnel

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Reasons for poor performance of disbursement of Kishan Credit Card and recovery of loan under the
scheme in Assam-
A qualitative study

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Medical textiles using Braiding Technology

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Relationship of community-based physical assets and socio-political empowerment on community-based floodplain
wetland fisheries management

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Nochi Ilai Kudineer-A Siddha management for Malaria

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Toxicity impact of Silk dye effluent on blood profile of Swiss albino mice Mus musculus

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Recovery of Silver from used X-ray films by Aspergillus versicolor protease

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Squeeze Casting-Influence of Squeeze pressures on Das and other related properties

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Green synthesis and Characterization of Silver nanoparticles from Nigella sativa and its application against UTI causing Bacteria

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Effect of Mercury on microtubular protein in brain cells of fish Labeo rohita

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Edge detection based on the theory of Universal gravity: Implementation in MATLAB

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Screening of Urinary Tract Infection causing bacteria and their Antibiotic sensitivity pattern in Namakkal district, TN

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Ragi Seed Quality Enhancement Techniques under Rainfed Conditions of Tribal Habitations of Hosur Forest Division

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Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated hairy root induction for increased Colchicine content in Gloriosa superba L.

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