Isolation and Screening of potential Dye decolorizing bacteria from Textile dye effluents in Tamil Nadu, India

V. Mohan, M. Madhumitha, Sangeetha Menon and K. Saranya devi PDF



An Assessment of Application of learning of the Training programmes conducted by Extension Education Institute, Jorhat, Assam

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Genetic variation between molly fishes Poecilia latipinna and Poecilia sphenops using RAPD assay

M. Shanmughavalli, K. Narmathanathiya, C. Arulvasu and D. Chandhirasekar PDF



Human Resource Perspectives in Contemporary management thought

Uzzal Kumar Borah PDF



Using Bayesian Network as Decision making system tool for deciding Treatment plan for Dental caries

Ajay Bhatia and Rajeshwer Singh PDF



Chitosan treated Textile substrates for Wound care applications

K.P. Chellamani, R.S. Vignesh Balaji and J. Sudharsan PDF



XCharts with Variable Sampling interval and Warning limits

Shashibhushan B. Mahadik PDF



Wind Loads on Cross Shape Tall Buildings

Ritu Raj and Ashok Kumar Ahuja PDF



The Feedback PI controller for Buck-Boost converter combining KY and Buck converter

K. Sreedevi and E. David PDF



Backpropagation Multilayer Feedforward Neural Network for deciding treatment for broken Tooth

Ajay Bhatia and Rajeshwer Singh PDF



Effect of Alkali on plasma sprayed Hydroxyapatite

Mahendra Lakdawala and G.M. Malik PDF



Business Process Reengineering and Customer Satisfaction with reference to Indian Telecommunication sector

Debiprasad Mukherjee and Monidipa Chatterjee PDF



A Database of the Training Programmes conducted by Extension Education Institute (North Eastern region), Jorhat, Assam

P. Das and P. Mishra PDF



Bioactive constituent of Delphinium denudatum Wall. and their Antioxidant efficacy

Subramani Mohanapriya and Ganesan Vijaiyan siva PDF



Mutual coupling reduction between Closely spaced Microstrip patch elements using DGS

Rajasree Hazra, Chandan Kumar Ghosh and S.K. Parui PDF



Improving a Flexible Manufacturing Scheduling using Genetic Algorithm

Pankaj Upadhyay and S.C. Srivastava PDF