Study on Eri Union Fabric for Various End-Uses

Gabur Taga and B. Kalita PDF



Problem in Amoebiasis Diagnosis in Clinical Setting: A Review from Conventional Microscopy to Advanced Molecular Based Diagnosis

Joyobrato Nath, Sankar K. Ghosh and Baby Singha PDF



Depression in People living with HIV/AIDS: A Prevalence study in Anti-Retroviral Therapy Centre

Namita N. Deshmukh, Jyotsna S. Deshmukh, Avinash M. Borkar and Mohan B. Khamgaonkar PDF



Prevalence of Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Diseases among Adults in Slum area of Cuttack City, Odisha

Devi Kalyan Mishra, Krishna Kar and Manasee Panda PDF



Effect of Sources and Levels of Sulphur on Groundnut

K. Tejeswara Rao, A. Upendra Rao and D. Sekhar PDF



Process parameter optimization of T4 Heat treated Magnesium alloy AZ91C for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining by Taguchi Methodology

Vibhu Sharma, Mukesh Verma and Satinder Singh Rana PDF



Phytochemical screening of Ormocarpum cochinchinense Leaf extracts

M. Pazhanisamy and G.A.I. Ebenezer PDF



Effect of Rake Angle on Dimensional Accuracy of Copper Micro-drilling

Vrind Kumar Sharma and Rajbir Singh Ghuman PDF



Constraints of Self Help Groups (SHGs) in Assam

D. Bortamuly and B.L. Khuhly PDF



Effect of Heavy metals on Growth and PGPR activity of Pseudomonads

Vishal Kumar Deshwal and Punkaj Kumar PDF



Constraints faced by Block Level Extension Functionaries in facilitating Commodity Interest Groups and
Farm Schools under ATMA in NE Indian states

D. Bortamuly and B.L. Khuhly PDF



Effect of Demolition Waste on Compressive Strength of Cement Matrix

Neha, Vikas Srivastava and V.C. Agarwal PDF



Microflora on the Surface of Laboratory Instruments

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Agricultural Diversification in Assam under Trade Liberalization

P. Deka, C. Hazarika and P. Das PDF



Changes in Agricultural sector during Post-reform Period: Evidence from Assam

P. Deka, C. Hazarika and P. Das PDF



Pre and Post-Psychosocial Factors of Subjects enrolled in Phase-III Oncology Clinical Trials

Kavita Bansal PDF