Equilibrium and Kinetic Adsorption Studies of Methyl Orange from Aqueous Solutions Using Kaolinite, Metakaolinite
and Activated Geopolymer as Low Cost Adsorbents

Gaston Fumba, Jean Serge Essomba, Guy Merlain Tagne, Julius Ndi Nsami, Placide Desire Belibi Belibi and Joseph Ketcha Mbadcam PDF



Hepatic Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus: Biochemical and Ultrasonological Study

N. Prabhudeva, Ghouse Pasha and K. Mounika PDF



OnmmmmmCompactness and mmmmm Connectedness in Generalized Topological Spaces

C. Janaki and D. Sreeja PDF



An Outbreak Investigation on Menace of Flies Resembling Mosquito (Culicoid and Chironomidae) in Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India

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A Study of General Health Pattern among Night Shift Work Employees in a Tertiary Care Hospital

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Fast wavelet transforms of Haar's wavelet

Bahram Dastourian, Shahram Dastourian and Elias Dastourian PDF



Water Quality of Kalugachalapuram-Kovilpatti Watershed of Tamil Nadu

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Green Synthesis of Copper Quantum Dots using Rubia cardifolia Plant Root Extracts and its Antibacterial Properties

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Effect of Coffee Husk Compost on Growth and Yield of Paddy

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Mineral Iron Content of Commelina benghalensis, Paspalum vaginatum, Ipomoea pes-caprae and Philoxerus vermiculeris
found along Ibeno Coastline, Nigeria

U.U. Umoh, S.F. Dan and I.N. Etim PDF