Path Loss Prediction of Wireless Mobile Communication for Urban Areas of Imo State, South-East Region of Nigeria at 910 MHz

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Application of Microwave Heat Treatment in Processing of Pulses

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Evaluation of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi as Potential Bio-control Agents against Selected Plant Pathogenic Fungi

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Integrated ICT Approach for Farmers of Uttarakhand State

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X-Ray and ECG on Clinical Profile of Chronic Cor Pulmonale

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Adenosine Deaminase Activity in Plural Fluid as a Diagnosing Tool for Tubercular Plural Effusion

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Shell Chemistry of Cytherellidae, Bythocyprididae and Bairdiidae Family, Recent Benthic Ostracoda,
Off Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, Palk Bay, Southeast Coast of India

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Molecular Taxonomic Identification of Peristylus densus (Lindl.) Santapau and Kapadia

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Solar Cookers for Off-Sunshine Cooking
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Quantitative Analysis of Toxic Elements by ICP-MS in Herbal Tablets
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Effect of Different Varieties of Basmati Rice on their Phenological and Yield Contributing Characters
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Lignocellulolytic Potentials of Aspergillus terreus for Management of Wheat Crop Residues
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