Diversity Status of Beneficial Microorganisms in Heavy Metal Polluted Tannery Effluent Treatment Area in Dindugal, Tamil Nadu

V. Mohan and K. Saranya Devi PDF



Modernizations of Fire Quench Robot Communication by Imparting IEEE 802.15.4

K. Vidyasagar, K. Sudarsanarao and P. Nagasekhar PDF



Biochemical Characterization of French Bean Associated Rhizobia found in North Bengal and Sikkim

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Wind Loads on Two Span Trough Canopy Roofs

Pradeep Singh and Ashok K. Ahuja PDF



Robot Hands Movement Control Using Atmega 328

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Wind Loads on ‘T’ Plan Shape Tall Buildings

Ravinder Ahlawat and Ashok K. Ahuja PDF



An Electronic Security Monitoring System Using GSM Communication

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Sources of Seeds and Reasons of Low Seed Replacement Rate of Paddy Seed: A Case Study in Assam

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Decomposition of Wheat Crop Residues by Fungi

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Effect of Fly Ash Replacement with Surkhi on Workability of Self-compacting Concrete

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